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Microstrategy Online Training Concepts :


Introduction to Data Warehousing

  1. What is a Database and why do we need a Database
  2. Mechanism used in RDBMS (OLTP)
  3. How OLTP system Works
  4. What is a Data Warehouse
  5. Who will use Data Warehouse?
  6. Mechanism used in Warehouse (OLAP)
  7. How OLAP System Works?
  8. Types of Systems and their Differences
    • OLTP
    • OLAP
  9. Data Warehousing Life Cycle
  10. Data Warehousing Testing Life Cycle
  11. Phases of Data Warehouse

Introduction to Business Intelligence
1.What is Business Intelligence
2.Business Intelligence Architecture
3.5 Styles of Business Intelligence

Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence

  1. Introduction to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence
  2. Features/Components of MicroStrategy
  3. MicroStrategy BI Architectures
    • 2 Tier Architecture
    • 3 Tier Architecture
    • 4 Tier Architecture
  4. Types of Engines in MicroStrategy
    • SQL Engine
    • Query Engine
    • Analytical Engine
  5. Report Execution Flow in MicroStrategy
  6. Roles in MicroStrategy
    • Architect
    • Designer/Developer
  7. Objects in MicroStrategy
    • Configuration Objects
    • Schema Objects

Ø Introduction to MicroStrategy Objects

i) Schema Objects – Architect

a) Attributes

  1. Creation of Attributes
  2. Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Mappings
  3. Simple Attribute
  4. Compound Attribute
  5. Implicit Attribute
  6. Explicit Attribute
  7. Conditional Attribute

b) Facts

  1. Creation of Facts
  2. Simple Facts
  3. Derived Facts
  4. Heterogeneous & Homogeneous Mappings
  5. Fact Level Extensions
  6. Exercises

c) Tables

  1. Introduction to Logical Tables
  2. Significance of Logical Table Size
  3. Exercises

d) Transformations

  1. Introduction Transformation
  2. Types of Transformations
    • Table Based Transformations
    • Expression Based Transformations
  3. Creation of Transformations
  4. Exercises

e) Hierarchies

  1. Introduction to Hierarchies
  2. How Hierarchies helps in Reporting
  3. Types of Hierarchies
    • System Hierarchy
    • User-Defined Hierarchy
  4. Creation of Hierarchies

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