Cassandra Online Training

Cassandra Online Training By IT Experts :

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Cassandra Online Training Concepts :

Module 1

Introduction to NoSQL

1. What Is Meant By NoSQL?
2. Distributed and Decentralized
3.Elastic Scalability
4.High Availability and Fault Tolerance
5.Brewer’s CAP Theorem
8.High Performance

Module 2
Cassandra: Introduction, Installation and Configuration
1.Describe Apache Cassandra
2. Common use cases – large deployments, lots of writes, statistics
3.Cassandra architecture
4. Select and install a Cassandra version

Module 3

Cassandra Data Model

1.Understand basics of data modeling
2. Key Space
3. Column Family, Column Family Options
4. Wide Rows, Skinny Row
5. Column Sorting
6. Super Columns
7. Counter Column Family
8. Composite Keys and Columns

Module 4

Understanding Cassandra Architecture

1.Understand replication
2. Understanding data partitioners
3. How nodes communicate – Peer-to-Peer Model
4.Anatomy of Read/Write operation
5. How are Deletes handled in Cassandra
6. Gossip and Failure Detection
7. Anti-Entropy and Read Repair
8. Memtables, SSTables, Commit Logs, Flushing, Row Merging, Cache (Key, Row)
9. Hinted Handoff
10. Compaction: Choose and implement compaction strategies
11.Bloom Filters, Tombstones
12.Managers and Services
14.Indexes and Caches

Module 5

Cassandra Monitoring and Administration

1. Tuning Cassandra
2. Backup and Recovery methods
5. Node Tools Commands
6. Monitoring critical metrics
7.Configure nodes and clusters using CCM
8.Bulk Loading Data to Cassandra
9.Bulk Export of Data from Cassandra
10.Populate and test nodes using Cassandra-stress
11.Cassandra Security: Authentication, Authorization, Physical Security

Our Cassandra Online Training batches start every week and we accommodate your flexible timings.