Bigdata Greenplum DBA Online Training

Bigdata Greenplum DBA Online Training By IT Experts :

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Bigdata Greenplum DBA Online Training Concepts:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will learn:
1.Greenplum features, benefits, and architecture in terms of shared nothing and the MPP design, and how Greenplum supports redundancy and high availability.
2.To install, initialize and configure Greenplum Database (community edition).
3.To manage database objects and workload management processes by defining and managing roles, privileges and resource queues.
4.Routine administration activities and how to automate them.
5. To implement system-level and database-level security.
6.To use table partitioning to logically divide data and load data into a Greenplum database instance using external tables, SQL COPY and ETL.
7.Data distribution in greenplum and best ways to distribute data for better performance.


This course is intended for any person who presently or plans to:

1. Install Greenplum Database
2. Design Databases in Greenplum
3. Administer and manage the Greenplum Database

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

To understand the content and successfully complete this course, audience should have knowledge and skills associated with the following:

1. Basic UNIX or Linux commands
2. SQL syntax
3. Fundamental relational database concepts

Course Outline :

Greenplum Architecture

1.Greenplum Master
2.Greenplum Segments
3.Greenplum Interconnect

Greenplum Concepts, Features and Benefits

Redundancy and Failover in Greenplum Database

  1. Segment Mirroring
  2. Master Mirroring

Data Distribution in greenplum

Checking for Uneven Data Distribution

Database Installation and Configuration

Lab – Database Installation and Configuration

Access Control and Security

Managing Roles and Privileges

1.Security Best Practices for Roles and Privileges
2.Creating New Roles (Users)
3.Altering Role Attributes
4.Creating Groups (Role Membership)
5.Managing Object Privileges

Configuring Client Authentication

1.Allowing Connections to Greenplum Database
2.Editing the pg_hba.conf File
3.Limiting Concurrent Connections

Accessing the Database

1. Establishing a Database Session
2. Supported Client Applications
3. Greenplum Database Client Applications
4. PgAdmin III for Greenplum Database
5. Database Application Interfaces


Managing Workload and Resources

1.Overview of Greenplum Workload Management
2.How Resource Queues Work in Greenplum Database
3.Steps to Enable Workload Management
4.Configuring Workload Management
5.Resource Queues

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